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Weird Al Yankovic’s Hardware Store Music Video

What is the song about?

The song “Hardware Store” is about the narrator’s excitement and fascination with a local hardware store. The store brings a sense of hope and progress to the town, and the narrator is eager to experience all that it has to offer. From power tools to paint, the narrator is amazed at the sheer variety of items available. The song is a humorous tribute to the joys of everyday life, and it showcases Weird Al Yankovic’s signature musical parodies and clever wordplay.

The upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make “Hardware Store” a memorable addition to Weird Al Yankovic’s catalog. The song has become a fan favorite and a staple of his live performances. The song is filled with in-jokes and references to popular culture, including a reference to Duracells and Energizer batteries. It also includes a rapid-fire list of items that the store has to offer, with the number 27 appearing several times (as in “every 27th customer will get a free ball peen hammer”). The song’s unique concept and energetic performance style set it apart from other Weird Al songs.

Who is Weird Al Yankovic?

Whether or not one approves of his work, Weird Al Yankovic is a national treasure. For decades he’s been spoofing pop music and introducing the next generation of nerds to the joy of word play, visual non sequiturs and absurdity.

Yankovic has a huge discography of songs that hurl high praise at some household item, food or profession. He’s also directed a few movies, including the 1989 cult classic UHF, starred on TV with his own show and guested on 30 Rock, Galavant and The Goldbergs.

Unlike most parody artists, Weird Al often gets permission from the original artist to record their songs. In this Grammy-nominated video of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” he got Kurt Cobain to come out and play along as the janitor. It’s the only time an original artist has appeared in one of Yankovic’s videos. Interestingly enough, he filmed the video on the same set as the original. It’s a bit of a coincidence that the actor who plays the janitor in this video is Rudy Larosa, the same guy who played the janitor in the original Nirvana video.

Is there a music video for “Hardware Store”?

There is an official music video for “Hardware Store.” It features Weird Al Yankovic singing and dancing through the different departments of a hardware store. The video showcases Yankovic’s unique style of musical parody and clever wordplay. The song has also become a staple of Yankovic’s live performances, as the energetic music and fast-paced lyrics make for an entertaining show. While the song may not be one of Yankovic’s most commercially successful, it has become a fan favorite and cemented his place as a master of musical parody. The song is a lighthearted tribute to the joys of a hardware store and the products that bring us all together.

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