T & M Hardware Opens New Store in Harmony, Pennsylvania

T & M Hardware Opens New Store in Harmony, Pennsylvania

ELLWOOD CITY — T & M Hardware’s journey has come full circle. The family-owned business purchased its sixth store on Wednesday, this time in Harmony.

This store will help the family-owned company fill a void in the community created by the closure of other small businesses. It also will ease the parking congestion on Fountain Avenue and Pittsburgh Circle.

We carry Stihl merchandise

T & M Hardware carries Stihl merchandise such as trimmers, blowers and chainsaws. In addition to this, we also carry a variety of other brands of products for your home and business. Our staff can assist you in finding the perfect product for your needs. We offer a full service rental center. Stihl is a high quality brand of outdoor power equipment.

After 13 years of turning around the first T&M store on Fountain Avenue in Ellwood City, Tim Post looked at another turnaround project last week — a former Trader Horn location in Harmony. It was one of six locations that Post and his wife, Mary, now operate across Pennsylvania and Ohio. As the couple inspected this sixth store, they saw how their journey had come full circle. It was one of the stores they had considered for their first purchase 25 years ago. It was then that they decided to go all in with their dream of being a hardware store operator.

We rent Stihl merchandise

T & M Hardware carries and rents Stihl merchandise like trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws. Its employees are highly trained and knowledgeable about each product they sell. They also receive certifications from STIHL that they must keep current. This way, they can give customers the right advice about each tool.

ELLWOOD CITY — After 13 years of growing their first store, Tim and Mary Post were looking for more locations. During the process of viewing a location on Pittsburgh Circle, they noticed something familiar. It was a building that had been considered for their first purchase 25 years ago, before they opened T&M Hardware & Rental.

The Posts were confident they could turn it around and make it a success, just as they had done with their five other stores in Bellevue and West View in Allegheny County, East Palestine in Ohio, Lawrence Village Plaza in Shenango Township and Harmony in Butler County. They had also worked hard to grow their business, driving sales to almost $7 million.

We sell Stihl merchandise

T & M Hardware and Rental sells Stihl merchandise such as trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws. The store also offers a full service rental center. The staff is knowledgeable and can help you find the right equipment for your project. The company serves customers in the Ellwood City area. It also sponsors local businesses and events. Its list of community partners includes the Harmony Inn, Robinson Fans, BottleBrush Gallery, and Indian Brave Campground.

In the past 25 years, T&M has grown to six locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The Do it Best members have taken an interesting path to discover what they are meant to do-serve their communities as hardware retailers. Tim Post’s first dream was to be a physical education teacher, and Mary’s background is in elementary school teaching.

We have a full service rental center

A full service rental center is available at T & M Hardware and Rental in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. This shop has an array of equipment, including garden and lawn tools. It also sells tree trimming products, such as pruners and shovels. Gardening items are available as well, including fertilizers and soil for plants. The store is open for business seven days a week.

Several years after opening their first store, Tim and Mary Post were working at their T&M Hardware and Rental on Fountain Avenue when an elderly customer came in with an item she couldn’t find. When the Posts told her it was toward the back of the store, she complained, saying the item should be out in front. The incident marked a moment of divine intervention for the couple, who would later expand their T&M chain to six stores across Pennsylvania and Ohio. Samantha, their eldest daughter, currently manages the Ellwood City store.

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